How long is the selection process?

The selection process can last anywhere from three (3) months to six (6) months depending upon scheduling issues related to the testing of our  applicants.

How long is the academy?

The recruit academy usually lasts approximately 25 weeks depending upon the time of the year the recruit class is in session.

Is the academy a "live in" academy?

No, recruits have the ability to go home after training each day.

Will I receive pay and benefits while in the academy?

Yes, see the benefits and pay scales for the amount of money and benefits received while in training.

How long after graduation do I have to wait to be in a specialized unit such as SWATT, Hostage Negotiations, Bomb Squad or be eligible for a detective position?

This depends on the unit to which the officer applies; however, most specialized units require three years of service before applying.

Do you have to live in Louisville to be hired?

No, there is no form of residency requirement for employment with the Louisville Metro Police Department.

Will I receive court pay as an officer?

All officers who attend court while off duty receive $65 per visit. Overtime is calculated after a two (2) hour period, only if officers are on time and submit proper documentation.

Does LMPD offer tuition reimbursement?

Yes. Louisville Metro Government will pay $2,000 per year towards tuition reimbursement. If the employee qualifies for an earned income credit, the amount can be $3,000.

Does the LMPD offer a relocation incentive?

Yes. The relocation incentive is $3,000 as long as the recruit lives 75 miles outside the Jefferson County line.

Is there any housing incentives offered?

Yes. A $5,000 down payment assistance is offered for the purchase of a primary residence in the community development Block Grant eligible census tract.