International Leadership Program

The Louisville Metro Police International Leadership Program (ILP) is a four-month interactive environment designed to deliver the Louisville Metro International leaders a basic knowledge of how the police department operates. The ILP will help community relations efforts in the department, along with other city agencies to address specific immigrant community concerns. The goal of the Louisville Metro Police ILP is to strengthen relationships in the community by fostering a greater understanding of the role of law enforcement through frank discussion and education.

During the LMPD ILP, participants will have an opportunity to meet several police officers and learn about their responsibilities serving the community. The participants will also have the chance to speak with the LMPD Chief of Police and share their concerns about their community and establish a plan on how LMPD is able to work together, exploring best practices in building trust and transparency between communities.

Policing is not just the work of police officers. On the contrary, the police cannot always protect every citizen. It takes the cooperation of citizens like you for the police department to be effective.   The ILP is designed to bring our international citizens and police together. We not only explain our jobs, but we also get feedback and learn from you.

International Globe Clip Art

Classroom instruction is presented by police officers. The sessions are informal, and questions are encouraged. Participants are also encouraged to go on patrol as a ride-along to witness first-hand the police officer’s work on the beat.

Monthly Sessions & Times

Each monthly session is from 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm. Even though class time is set aside for questions, most instructors are available after class to answer more in-depth or personal questions. At the conclusion of the course, participants are awarded special certificates. 

Program Benefits

Benefits of the program include:

  • Citizens and police officers have an opportunity to work closely together and exchange views.
  • Citizens gain a better understanding of how their police department works.
  • Citizens can better appreciate how the criminal justice system works and be aware of some of the restrictions the police deal with.
  • Citizens can see first-hand how their tax dollars are being spent.
  • Police officers get feedback from citizens who are not directly involved in law enforcement.
  • Crime can be reduced by cooperation between the citizens and the Police Department.


Participants must be at least 21 years old to apply for enrollment Applicants are subjected to a background and criminal history check. Class will be limited to 25 participants.


We are seeking your assistance in identifying potential members for the upcoming class with strong ties to the following entities/communities:

  • Houses of worship
  • Local, non-profit youth initiatives
  • Current school board members
  • Hospital administrators
  • Corporate Managers and Chief Security Officers
  • Civil liberties protection organizations
  • LGBTQ and special interest advocacy organizations
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