Neighborhood Empowerment

Neighborhood Empowerment Walks

CPU Officers identify and provide outreach in neighborhoods based on violent crime trends. This includes speaking to residents in affected neighborhoods and offering resources including crime prevention information and personal contact to improve the lines of communication between the police and the public. CPU officers walking in neighborhoods affected by homicides are a reassurance to residents that LMPD is concerned about violent crime trends that undermine the sanctity of human life. 

Neighborhood Watch

There are nearly 900 Neighborhood Watch groups within Louisville Metro. CPU’s civilian employee serves as the Neighborhood Watch coordinator and is tasked with starting and maintaining interest in neighborhood watch groups. These neighborhood watches are crucial in reducing crime and assisting patrol divisions to achieve their crime reduction goals. 


Building Our Blocks

This is a partnership between Metro Government agencies to connect citizens in at-risk neighborhoods to services to increase safety, reduce blight, and build hope.  CPU walks in teams of two to three officers, along with other metro agencies, encouraging residents to join their neighborhood watches and conducting security surveys on resident’s homes living in the targeted block.