Preventing Business Theft

Metro Ordinance 115.402  REGULATIONS:

(A) Every convenience store shall be equipped with a  security camera system that is operational and capable of recording and  storing a clear image of the inside of the store and more specifically  the cash register area(s) and entry and exit doors to assist in the identification and apprehension of a robber or other criminal.

(B) The camera(s) for cash registers must be positioned and adjusted so that each cash register area is completely visible in a camera's field of view, and a whole adult person is no less than 40% of the field of view.  Each camera shall be placed so that the captured  image of customers in the store at the cash register(s) is at the  customer's eye level, which for the purposes of this subchapter is between five and six feet above the floor of the convenience store.

(C) Additionally, the camera(s) must be positioned and  adjusted so that each entry and exit door is completely visible in a  camera's field of view and shall be placed so that any visible camera is located between seven and one-half and eight feet from the floor level  to clearly capture images of customers exiting the store, or, if the  camera is covert, the camera shall be located at eye level, which for  the purposes of this subchapter is between five and six feet above the  floor of the convenience store.

(D) The security camera system may consist of either a video tape recording system or a digital video recording system and it shall  be stored in a locked area away from the cash register. Each camera must be acute enough that the facial features of a person in its field of view are distinguishable and recognizable.  The video recording tapes shall be kept for a period of seven days before the tape may be reused or discarded. The digital video recording system shall have the capacity to retain digital images for a period of seven days before being  overwritten or discarded.

(E) The convenience store shall post a conspicuous sign near the cash register and on the front entrance door, and placed in such a  manner as to be visible to the majority of customers, which states "all  transactions are recorded on camera" or words to similar effect

(F) The convenience store shall place height markers at the  entrance of the convenience store which display height measures.

 (1999 Lou. Code, § 111.802)  (Lou. Ord. No. 283-1998, approved 12-21-1998; Lou. Metro Am. Ord. No. 133-2007, approved 7-13-2007)

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