Paid Leave

  • Vacation days - Under the current FOP contract, 6.24 hours of leave (vacation/holiday) is earned biweekly by newly sworn in officers.
  • Holidays - See vacation days. The FOP contract contains a provision that up to eight (8) annual leave/holidays may be redeemed as pay on December 1 of each calendar year. The paid days, taken in lieu of the leave/holiday, shall be at the member's regular rate of pay.
  • Personal leave days - 32 hours of personal days are granted each year. They expire at the end of the year.
  • Sick days - Are unlimited with proper documentation.
  • Employee members of the National Guard or of an Armed Forces Reserve Unit are eligible for 21 calendar days of paid military leave per federal fiscal year (October through September) while in the performance of military duty or training. Any unused military leave will be rolled over to the next fiscal year. Any unused military leave shall expire two (2) years after it has been accrued.
  • A member who is ordered to active duty and serves a minimum of six (6) months in the Armed Forces of the United States shall, upon return, be credited with 80 hours of annual leave.