Community Engagement Unit

The Community Engagement Unit has the primary responsibility of enhancing the department’s community policing initiative by building public trust and addressing crime issues.

The Community Engagement Unit is made up of the following: 

  • Community Policing Officers: Community Policing Officers work on a comprehensive plan with community organizations to reduce crime through partnerships, problem solving, and non-enforcement strategies.
  • Volunteers in Police Service (VIPS): Provides volunteer civilian support to any unit within the department during non-enforcement operations and provides on-site assistance during major events.
  • Citizens Police Academies (CPAs): Provides education to the public, both at the adult and youth levels, regarding police-related services. Adult graduates of CPAs may apply for membership to the CPA Alumni Association. 
  • Specialty Vehicles: Schedules the department’s show vehicles including the Louisville Metro Police Department (LMPD) Hummer and the static helicopter display.
  • Neighborhood Watch: Coordinates neighborhood watches around the Louisville Metro area.
  • Police Chaplains: Provide crisis intervention and value-based guidance services for departmental members and also respond to requests to provide citizens with similar services in a time of personal tragedy.